The Messiah's Bride

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Eleven-year-old Stefanie Hinrichs came to Australia looking for paradise -and found herself trapped in the marriage from Hell.

In 1994, Stefanie Hinrichs dreamed of owning a horse, leaving school and marrying Keanu Reeves. But God had other plans for the teenager.

Her family belonged to a controversial Doomsday cult led by self-proclaimed Messiah William Kamm, also known as the 'Little Pebble', who was building a new promised land for his followers deep in the Australian bush.

Stefanie was forced to become the false prophet's child bride - one of eighty-four mystical spouses chosen by the Lord to bear twenty-seven children for his new heavenly dynasty.

Forbidden from telling anyone about the illicit sexual relationship, she kept a diary.

Investigative journalist Megan Norris unravels the story of Stefanie's lost childhood, her courageous escape with his child, and how the scribblings of a teenage girl brought one of Australia's most dangerous sex predators to justice.