The Last Victim

(Trade paper)
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A serial con man. The ultimate betrayal. An unbreakable woman. The full story behind the relationship made famous by the hit podcast Who the Hell is Hamish?


In 2017, Tracy Hall's life went from fact to fiction overnight when she discovered the man she'd been dating for nearly two years, Max, was actually one of Australia's most prolific con men - Hamish McLaren. Also known as Hamish Watson. Also known as Hamish Maxwell.

Suddenly 'Max' was gone, along with the $317,000 in life savings Tracy had given him to invest. As for her ability to trust? Hamish had stolen that too.

Through speaking with investigators and playing an instrumental role in The Australian's hit podcast, Who the Hell is Hamish?, Tracy would soon discover she was not Hamish's only victim - just his last. Hamish, and his Colgate-commercial-worthy smile, had been honing his confidence game for decades.

The Last Victim shares the full story of what happened before, during, and after Tracy unknowingly swiped right on a man who'd reportedly swindled people around the world out of an estimated $70 million through investment and business scams.

Fast-paced and empowering, The Last Victim is in many ways a warning siren because, as Tracy shows, it doesn't matter where you're from, how you were raised and educated, or how intuitive you think you are - anyone can fall victim to a scam. At the same time, it's searing, defiant proof that it is possible to create an even better life after experiencing the ultimate emotional and financial betrayal.