Review of: The Hats of Marvello

The Hats of Marvello
by Amanda Graham, Lavanya Naidu (Illustrator)

Robbit! Come back here Robbit, we have to perform the deep hat trick! Actually that can wait because I have to write the review for The Hats of Marvello

Raf Aged 8

Overall I liked this book because it was imaginative and magical!

The characters are:

  • Olive, a girl with blond curly hair and who is the narrator of the school play.
  • Delilah: her nickname is Del and her dad and brother go spotlighting for rabbits
  • Stevie: A very kind boy who loves rabbits
  • Robbit: A black rabbit who can talk
  • Wilby:: A magician who has never performed the deep hat trick and knows how to do it
  • Reynard: A magician turned evil and is obsessed with performing the deep hat trick

This book is about Olive and her school play. Okay there are 2 hats, a cherry red and a peacock blue one. The hats can perform the deep hat trick because there is the rabbitway. The rabbitway is an invisible path through the Marvello hats. So rabbits can teleport through them.

My favourite part of this book was when Olive found out that Robbit can talk, because Olive sounded so surprised.

If you like magic and imagination you will like this book.