Review of: Miss Penny Dreadful and the Midnight Kittens

Miss Penny Dreadful and the Midnight Kittens
by Allison Rushby, Bronte Rose Marando (Illustrator)

I wish I had a monkey. But I don't so this is my review of Miss Penny Dreadful and the Midnight Kittens.


Overall I felt good about this book because it started off boring in a good way and then Aunt Harriet came in the story and then everything came exciting!
The main characters are: Penny: a young girl who has a very inquiring mind. Aunt Harriet: she always makes things better and more exciting! She writes stories. Jones: A very clever spider monkey. Mr Crowley: An odious man who hates being interrupted on getting ideas for Aunt Harriet's stories.
The basic story is about Penny getting called to Ms Strickland's office and getting a note that her parents wrote. Then Aunt Harriet comes in and asks Penny if she wants to stay here she can but, if she doesn't she can come with her. So, off they go on an adventure with Mr Crowley and Jones to see the midnight kittens.
My favourite part of this book is when Aunt Harriet is introduced because it is so fun and exciting. She just adds a spark to the story and she has a monkey: Jones!
Jones is funny too. One time in the book Penny said shush and Jones put his fingers to his lips.
If you like Miss Penny Dreadful you might like the Five Find-outers- and dog by Enid Blyton because it's a mystery book with a crime to be solved.
All in all I rate this book 9 1/2 stars out of ten.