Review of: Goddess Crown

Goddess Crown
by Shade Lapite

If you love romance, mystery and rebellion, then this book is for you.

Shade Lapite masterfully weaves the story of Kalothia, a girl who grew up in a forest with no knowledge of her parents or the outside world. Sheltered from all of the court politics, when assassins come to murder her and her guardians, she is forced into a world that seems set against her every move. As well as defending the boy she loves from being wrongfully accused of murder, Kalothia must fight for the truth that has been repressed for decades.

A gripping fantasy adventure, Kalothia’s strong, brave, feminist outlook on a dangerous world will leave readers impressed by the way that she outsmarts a country of people who all seem to want her dead. As this story is one that includes more mature themes, I would recommend it for everyone who can deal with violence, intense fights, emotions and love; probably those aged 13 and up. I loved this book and it is well worth reading, I rate it 4.5/5 suns!