When the Parents Change, Everything Changes

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Your own behaviour is the only behaviour over which you have absolute control. To change your children's behaviour, you first need to change your own.

Here, Britain's leading behaviour expert reveals how we get children's behaviour wrong - and how to get it right. Drawing on a method tried and tested in over 100,000 classrooms, he shows that the only way to change what your child does is by first changing what you do. He explains why punishing your way to a life without tantrum-prone toddlers/sulking teenagers is a fool's errand - and how to instead grow new behaviours with love. And he reveals why a positive, relational, consistent approach to parenting is 1,000 times more powerful than any Xbox, Disneyland trip or cold, hard cash bribe that money can buy.

Filled with practical tools and relatable case studies, Paul Dix's method will turn your home into a behavioural nirvana. It is not just a list of punishments and rewards. It is so much more useful than that.