We Know a Place

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A joyous illustrated tribute to bookshops everywhere, and the special place they hold in children's hearts and minds, from of one Australia's most beloved writers.

We know a place that's mysterious-magic,a window to lives you can't even imagine.We know a secret world-wakening secret,a brain-boggling secret, on Ballarat Street.

Every Saturday, when the chores are done, two children set out on a journey to their local bookshop, a magical place where sneaky stories escape as you peep in the door and there's plentiful magic for each and for all. Monsters, giants, trolls and pirates ahoy! But what happens when some cheeky creatures follow the children home one day?

A playful love letter to those wondrous places where secrets and magic live around every corner and between every cover.

Written and illustrated by the award-winning Maxine Beneba Clarke as a celebration ofthe joy of reading, the magic of communityandher own favourite bookshop.