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Reviewed By – Emmy W

A young dingo cub called Wandi is snatched up by a giant eagle and taken away from his family and mountain home. He is dropped, lost and injured in a human’s garden. There he learns he is not as alone as he thinks, and Wandi begins his journey of finding a place to belong.

Wandi is a amazing book. It is based on a true story, and I liked it from the first page. Favel Parrett’s writing hooked me in and I enjoyed learning about Wandi from when he is taken away, lost and alone to making friends with other dingoes and even with humans, who he used to fear.

Wandi is now the most famous dingo in the world, as he saves alpine dingoes from extinction. I was captivated by this book from start to end. I recommend this book for 7 years and over, though it’s a lovely book for all ages.


A young cub is snatched from his family and home by a giant eagle, then dropped, injured and alone, in a suburban garden. This is where he meets his first Human, and begins his long journey to becoming the most famous dingo in the world. He will never see his mountain home again, or his family. But it is his destiny to save alpine dingoes from extinction, and he dreams of a time when all cubs like him can live in the wild in safety, instead of facing poison and bullets and hatred.

A children's literary classic in-the-making from one of Australia's most-loved authors.