Tomatoes and Basil on the 5th Floor

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Get the most out of every bit of balcony space to easily grow your own sustainable, organic, and tasty food.

Do you love having a balcony but aren't sure how you can use it as a space to grow? Do you feel that being a few stories up in a building stops you from growing delicious crops? If the answer is "yes," then it's time you read this book.

Instagram sensation Patrick Vernuccio AKA @TheFrenchieGardener is a small-space grower with a big message. Building on his inspirational content, Tomatoes and Basil on the 5th Floor showcases easy and informative ways to grow fresh produce in containers and on a balcony, proving that anyone can enjoy tasty, organic food all year round.

From dividing store-bought basil plants, to harvesting vegetables at the best time of year, to letting plants set seed for the benefit of wildlife, Patrick takes his readers through myriad ways to get crops and produce out of very limited space. Working with the seasons and with good-quality seed and compost, he explains all you need to know to ensure every inch of your balcony can give you tasty and beautiful crops to harvest.