This Working Life

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Winner of the Australian Career Book of the Year Award 2022 (RSA Oceania)

This Working Life is the book you need to navigate your career with courage, openness and a good dose of laughter in uncertain times. Springing off the success of her ABC podcast, Lisa Leong, together with journalist Monique Ross, is bringing a deep curiosity to the world of work.

You spend most of your waking life working - a jaw-dropping 90,000 hours for the average person. You deserve to feel joy during that time. But how?

This Working Life empowers you to experiment in the lab of life. You'll reflect on your highs and lows, harness your superpowers and pinpoint your guiding values. You'll learn the importance of empathy as you craft a job or curate a portfolio career that can grow with you. You'll unlock the power of rituals, community and self-care, and build resilience that will help you face life's inevitable curveballs.

Lisa and Monique get personal, sharing hard-won learnings from their own lives, along with insights from world-leading thinkers like Dorie Clark, Jeremy Utley and Dan Klein, and practical activities to help you take action. No matter where you are, or where you want to be, This Working Life will help you get there.