The Undefeated Mentality

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A powerful and insightful exploration of greatness from an inspiring master of his craft

In The Undefeated Mentality: A 12 Round Guide to Undisputed Success, extraordinary boxer and winner of 15 major world championships Floyd Mayweather delivers an inspirational and original roadmap to accomplishing your own goals through the singular power of dedication. In the book, you'll explore how Mayweather became the world's highest paid athlete and a successful businessperson, and how you can apply those same lessons to supercharge your life.

Discover how to embody a champion's mindset, show initiative, and cultivate discipline as you relentlessly pursue your dreams. The authors also show you:

  • The universally applicable formula for that made Mayweather an undefeated force of nature in the ring
  • How initiative and discipline combine to create greatness in every area of life
  • The uncanny ability of dedication to unlock potential and power you past even the most formidable obstacles

An exciting and essential book for anyone who strives to reach their full potential, the strategies outlined in The Undefeated Mentality are your ticket to a life of lasting success