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*As seen on The One Show*


Detective Kamil Rahman is working for the Met Police when he gets the call from MI5.
They've received intelligence of a terrorist plot, and it's Kamil they need.

Posing as a disaffected cop and working in his friend Anjoli's restaurant on Brick Lane, Kamil attempts to infiltrate the cell. What he uncovers leads him halfway across the world to Kashmir, and face to face with an old nemesis.

Meanwhile Anjoli starts to investigate the disappearance of a young boy who's sending coded messages to his parents. As she attempts to solve his clues, she finds herself in greater danger than she could have imagined.

Time is running out for Kamil and Anjoli: can they save the boy, and save a nation, before it's too late?


'WOW! The Spy is the perfect mix of contemporary politics, humour, action and romance... the best in a series that just keeps getting better and better'

'In Kamal and Anjoli, Ajay Chowdhury has created a modern day Holmes and Watson'

'Full of intrigue and twists and turns which gave an insight into the fight against terrorism'

Praise for the Detective Kamil Rahman series:

'Outstanding'SUNDAY TIMES

'Hugely entertaining' ANN CLEEVES

'A rip-roaring mystery that's engrossing from start to finish' ABIR MUKHERJEE


Kamil has always wanted to be top cop. With a father who reached the position of Police Commissioner of the Calcutta police, what else could he do, other than hanker after an honourable career chasing the bad guys, just like his dad. However, after refusing to turn a blind eye to the corruption he discovered, he was thrown out of the Calcutta police in disgrace and forced to flee to London. When he found work as a waiter, then a cook in his friend Anjoli's Brick Lane restaurant, he believed his sleuthing days were over, but somehow trouble still managed to find him. Now, he's a Muslim in the Met, facing overt and covert racism and he needs to be twice as good as his colleagues to make it. All of this he could cope with, if only his personal life was humming along smoothly.

Anjoli is searching, but she doesn't know what for. A high-minded psychologist who is super smart, always restless and naturally empathetic, she helped her mum and dad run their struggling restaurant while she was interviewing for graduate jobs and side hustling her slogan T-shirts. After her parents died, leaving her as manager and owner, she turned it into a flourishing hot spot for 'Indicular Gastronomy'. But sharing work and a flat with Kamil, it wasn't long before she found herself drawn into his detective work, digging him out of dead ends. She is brilliant, meticulous, and often finds crucial connections Kamil has missed. Anjoli would love to get deeper into crime solving - possibly even have a go at it full-time. But she just can't shake the feeling that she is an imposter in a game of let's pretend. Does what she feel for Kamil get in the way?