The Scope of Permissibility

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'An incisive meditation on devotion, desire and double standards.' - Sarah Malik, author of Desi Girl and Safar

A stunning debut novel that follows the intertwined lives of three friends as they navigate the complexities of university life, adherence to their faith, and the transition into adulthood.

Bound together by their shared beliefs and alienation from wider Australian society, Sara, Abida and Naeem are drawn to their university's Muslim Students' Association. Within its walls, Sara and Naeem begin a covert relationship, while Abida campaigns for the group's presidency. But Abida's ambitions for leadership threatens both her longstanding friendship with Sara and the increasingly fragile relationship between Sara and Naeem.

As tensions rise and loyalties falter, the three must balance the demands of love, faith and ambition, with each decision they make having the potential to change their lives forever.

Told through three distinct perspectives, The Scope of Permissibility is a poignant coming-of-age tale that captures the push and pull of expectation and autonomy.