The Long Lede Anthology

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Ten Australian writers, mentored by ten experienced Australian journalists developed stories that they new needed to be shared.Claire Keenan mentored by Amanda Hooton from GW, explores Catholicism in rural Australia, sexual abuse and why she is no longer a Catholic.Dan Jervis-Bardy mentored by legendary Michael Brissenden from the ABC, looks at the death of the Sudanese child refugee Safa Annour and challenges the resources dispersed when a child who dies is not white.Margaret Simons guided Esther Linder through the world of food supply chains in Australia and how tenuous they are, particularly with the increasing impacts of climate change.Iranian medical doctor Hessom Razavi, under direction from Victoria Laurie explores Australia's response to the global refugee crisis.Trans masculine Indigenous writer and powerlifter Arlie Alizzi, supported by Paddy Manning lifts the lid on mentorship and sexual harassment in powerlifting.Former lab scientist and now science journalist Jackson W Ryan, mentored by Richard Cooke, details the cover ups in the science laboratories at UNSW in the hunt for a 'miracle cure' cancer drug.Matthew Drummond assisted Liz Gooch as she explored whether Afghanistan will be permitted to send a team to the 2024 Paris Olympics.Environment journalist Penelope Craswell, guided by Ceridwen Dovey started out exploring environmental pollution focusing on the design of objects and ended up writing about the power, meaning and value of cups.Trans masculine writer and broadcaster Sam Elkin, particularly known for his work in sport, supported by Nick Feik, challenges colonial Australian history with his portrait of Edward de Lacy Evans who was assigned female at birth but lived life as a man on the Goldfields of Victoria, and elsewhere.With direction from Maddison Connaughton, ABC cadet Wing Kuang follows up on sexual consent education in culturally and linguistically diverse communities.Oustanding stories you don't want to miss.