The History Book

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Welcome to the complete history of the world. From the dawn of civilisation to the 21st century, the course of time is captured in all its glory inside this stunning graphic guide.

Part of DK's award-winning Big Ideas series that have sold in excess of seven million copies, The History Book explains and explores the biggest ideas, themes, moments, events, and periods in Earth's history.

Get set to see history as never before. You'll step back in time to see the origins of Homo Sapiens, the Space Race, the French Revolution, the arrival of the Internet, and anything and everything in between. You'll see history brought to life as you experience the Renaissance, the American Revolution, World War II, and much, much more. You'll meet the planet's most influential leaders, thinkers, and warriors, from Julius Caesar to Barack Obama, with the aid of insightful biographies and memorable quotations.??

A winning combination of innovative infographics and inspiring images tell the story of time in an easy and accessible format to ensure the complexities of history are made simple and straightforward.??

Whether you're a history buff or school student, this essential and enlightening reference charts 4,000 years of humankind for you to enjoy in the here and now.??