The God of No Good

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'Deeply moving ... so powerful it can't help but explode like fireworks across the final page.' - Trent Dalton

This is not a book about divorce. It's not a book about God, either. You might think it is a book about goodness and what it means to be a good person, but it isn't. Like everything else, this is about love.

Sita Walker was raised by five strong matriarchs who taught her to believe in God and to be good. Her grandmother, mother and three aunts believed in unshakeable faith, in the power of prayer, in sacrifice, in magic, in the healing of turmeric and tea, and the wisdom of dreams.

But as hard as she tries to be good, Sita always suspects that deep down, she isn't very good at all.

At thirty-five, she hasn't prayed in years, her dream of true love has died, and along with it, her faith - not that she's telling her mother, or her aunts. Instead, she abandons religion in secret, 'taking tiny pieces of God away, one by one, under cover of darkness.'

Now, the only way she can fulfill her destiny is to seek out the wisdom of the ones who came before, and truly understand the women who raised her. But will they understand her? Either way, the matriarchy will never be the same again.

Traversing decades and continents - from Iran to India, Sri Lanka to the Czech Republic, Adelaide to the Torres Strait - The God of No Good is a beautifully lyrical and funny intergenerational memoir about six women and how their lives intertwine.