The Boomers

(Trade paper)
Dispatches on 31/07/2024


From heartbreak to triumph: how our national basketball team went from misfits to superstars

The Boomers' Olympic triumph in Tokyo was possibly the most celebrated bronze medal in Australian sporting history. But the path to this moment is littered with heartache, setback and adversity. The long and arduous journey was recalled by Boomers' leading scorer and five-time Olympian, Andrew Gaze, on Channel 7's Olympic coverage that day, as he held back tears and paid tribute to the champions of the moment and to the pioneers of the past.

Over six decades countless basketball players and officials have invested immeasurable hours to bring basketball in this country to the point where we now have more than a million registered and an Olympic medal-winning team. Not least among these dedicated servants was Andrew Gaze's father, Lindsay.

In this unauthorised biography of our national team, Matt Logue goes back to the beginning - to the DNA of the Boomers - to tell the story of today's success and to honour the people, such as Lindsay Gaze, who fought against the odds to make it happen. It's a story of toil, emotion and national pride; a celebration of talent and international triumph; and a salute to the pioneers. And it's not over yet!