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This completely illustrated cookbook celebrates everyone's favorite street and snack food--tacos--and includes more than 60 delicious recipes to get your kitchen humming. Explore the delicious world of tacos in this uniquely crafted illustrated cookbook. California native Deborah Kaloper goes beyond the basics we've all come to know and love from the iconic Mexican street food and includes some deliciously new ideas to fill soft and hard tortillas (and your belly) in this very cool cookbook (mac-and-cheese tacos, anyone?). Of course, she hasn't forgotten to include classics and well-loved favorites such as Baha fish tacos, blackened chipotle chicken, smoky pulled pork and jalape o tacos, and slow-cooked braised bean tacos. Also, if you're feeling inclined, Taco-topia also includes recipes for creating your own hard and soft tortillas, salsas bursting with flavor, and hot sauces from scratch.

Taco-topia shows that tacos are super versatile, perfectly easy to create, and even easier to eat--what's not to love? With bold illustrations and incredible recipes throughout, this is the most unique taco book you could ever own