Stop Worrying about Money

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Take control of your money, avoid common financial pitfalls, and prepare for whatever life throws at you

In Stop Worrying about Money, Jacqui Clarke, Australia's best-kept money secret, delivers smart and sure-fire guidance that will see you through life's financial ups and downs. You'll learn to clarify your values, set goals, and be upfront and honest about your money--both with yourself and with others.

Fact: Money comes in and goes out. The cost of living is ever increasing, big changes can come as big surprises and sometimes you're stuck just trying to keep on top of everything. It's time to hit pause on the distractions and get wise with your finances. With Stop Worrying about Money, you'll re-assess what financial independence and freedom mean to you. This is the guide that will help you build a less stressful, more empowering relationship with money, starting today.

You'll discover how to:

  • Build financial security for yourself and your family
  • Set meaningful (and within-your-means) money goals
  • Combat expense creep and avoid other typical money traps
  • Overcome setbacks and become a master planner

A practical and hands-on guide to dealing with life's most common and challenging financial obstacles, Stop Worrying about Money is the energising, no-nonsense financial wake-up call that you've been waiting for.