Sticker Encyclopedia Things That Go

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A fantastic selection of facts and more than 600 different stickers to keep children entertained for hours.

In this exciting, fact-filled and interactive encyclopedia, children aged 5-7 will discover all about exciting vehicles used around the world, in the past, the present, and the future!

Featuring more than 600 stickers, this bumper encyclopedia will tell you everything you need to know about different vehicles and things that go. Children can learn all about early forms of transport, such as the steam engine, vehicles of the future, such as supersonic aircraft, and many other kinds of transportation.

This sticker book for children aged 5-7 offers:

- Fun facts about a range of vehicles and their special features and uses.
- Every page is designed for children to add stickers to the page.
- Fun feature pages allow children to create their own scenes using stickers.
- Sticker book format encourages learning through play.

From bicycles and trucks to hovercraft and Mars helicopters, children will love discovering the details of what these vehicles do, finding the right stickers to complete every page, and even creating their own stories with the scenery pages in the back of the book.

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