Seven Sisters

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Men get away with murder all the time. Now it's our turn ... A twisty, intriguing crime novel for fans of The Mother and The Family Doctor.

Naomi started grief counselling prepared to run for cover as soon as her therapist, Mia, pulled out a crystal or tried to align her chakras. Mia's practice, The Pleiades, is named for the seven sisters from Greek mythology - sisters that in some versions of the myth die of grief or are killed to be saved from attackers. Mia explains that it is her intention to subvert the traditional narratives where harm befalls women.

When Mia suggests that Naomi joins a support group, she is sceptical: how could she begin to describe what it felt like to lose her sister, Jo? How could she possibly share her loss and rage to a room full of people? How could she express her helplessness that Jo's killer walks free on a suspended sentence?

And how could she share her deepest desire to see Jo's killer dead by her hand?

In the group sessions, Naomi finds that her experiences and her anger are shared between the other members: Gabrielle, Brooke, Katy, Olivia and Amy. Under the enigmatic leadership of Mia, a plan begins to take shape.

I'll kill yours if you kill mine ...

Seven Sisters is a compelling, morally ambiguous psychological thriller where Patricia Highsmith meets Alex Michaelides.

'An intense, page-turning psychological thriller that ... grips the reader with two-handed fury. Perfect for fans of Patricia Highsmith, Candice Fox and Jacqueline Bublitz, Seven Sisters will have you questioning your idea of justice and how far you would go to help others -- including taking an eye for an eye.' Books + Publishing