Parenting in Progress

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A book of reassurance, advice and hilarious epic fails for parents and carers of toddlers to primary-school-aged kids, from the co-host of The Juggling Act podcast and a diverse range of not-so-perfect (celebrity) mums, dads and carers, who have all made mistakes!

Somewhere between the cosy depths of your uterus and the exit from your birth canal, your newborn loses their paperwork - that booklet with all the instructions and safety precautions, including what the all-important 3 am error message means.

You spend the next few years trying to keep them alive, then try to teach them to survive on their own before slowly - and heartbreakingly - letting them go. Just when you think you're nailing it, the role changes and your mini boss forgets to update your job description.

What could help you feel less overwhelmed is a book of reassurance, advice and hilarious parenting fails and hails. Mel Wilson, co-host of The Juggling Act podcast and former Kidspot editor, shares her warts-and-all stories, along with those from a diverse range of (celebrity) parents and carers, with a bit of guidance from experts thrown in.

The result is a frank, funny and heartfelt book - an antidote to perfect parenting and an ode to good enough!

Imperfect advice for the biggest role of your life from: Abby Bishop, Amanda Keller, Amber Lawrence, Cameron & Alison Daddo, Fiona Falkiner, Grant & Chezzi Denyer, Isabelle Richards (nee Silbery), Jessica Peris, Kathy Lette, Kelly Cartwright, Larissa Waters, Manu Feildel, Merrick Watts, Michael & Jarrad Duggan-Tierney (The Real Dads of Melbourne), Nazeem Hussain, Sam Bloom, Sam Wood, Sarah Harris, Shelley Ware, Taryn Brumfitt, Turia Pitt and Yumi Stynes.

Expert tips from: Amanda Rose, Annabel Karmel, Belinda Williams, Cabrini d'Arcy-Stewart, Jess Sanders, Jules Robinson, Justin Coulson, Katrina Warren, Dr Kristy Goodwin, Lauren Patterson, Maggie Dent, Maryanne Sayers, Michelle Mitchell, Nikki Parkinson, Osher Gunsberg, Dr Rebecca Ray, Simmone Locke, Tess Law, Dr Tanveer Ahmed, Victoria Vanstone and Dr Zali Yager.