Outlaw Girls

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Kate and Ruby live in the High Country in Victoria. They're both daring, quick-thinking and prepared to break the rules, and they're both brilliant horse riders--they'd probably be great friends. But they live in different times, more than 140 years apart.

While galloping through the mountains, Kate rides headlong into a thrilling experience that transports her from 1878 to the future, where she meets Ruby. Kate and Ruby return to 1878, where Kate is secretly taking supplies to her brother Ned and the rest of the Kelly Gang, who are in hiding from the police. Together the girls work to confuse the police and keep the gang from being found and arrested. But the looming disaster makes things less clear-cut for Ruby.

They're about the have the ride of their lives!

Outlaw Girlsis an exciting, fast-paced time-slip novel, narrated by both Ruby and Kate, about family, friendship, loyalty and betrayal, the complexity of right and wrong, and working out what matters most.

Emily Gale's much-loved books include The Goodbye Year, The Other Side of Summer and its companion novel I Am Out With Lanterns, the Eliza Boom Diaries series, Steal My Sunshineand Girl, Aloud, as well as her middle-grade collaboration with friend and fellow author Nova Weetman, Elsewhere Girls.

Nova Weetmanhas written thirteen books for young adults and children. Her middle grade books include the much-loved novels The Secrets We Keep, The Secrets We Shareand Sick Bay, as well as Elsewhere Girlswith Emily Gale.

'...Full of incisive charm and wit, and the pair's existing middle-grade fans will happily devour this intimate, perceptive look at equality, class, women's rights and what matters most.' Books+Publishingon Elsewhere Girls

'Nothing short of superb.' Aurealison Elsewhere Girls