Our World in Pictures Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures Flash Cards

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Discover a range of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, from tiny theropods to massive mammoths!

This colourful deck of 125 durable, high-gloss cards welcomes you to the age of dinosaurs, where you can meet more than 100 species, ranging from the colossal Argentinosaurus to the tiny Megazostrodon, and everything in between. You'll see familiar dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus, and also discover some of the strangest creatures to roam the planet, such as the Austroraptor and the Doedicurus!

The cards are designed to help you learn and memorize different types of prehistoric creature. The front of the card shows the dinosaur with a clue of what it is. Turn over the card and the back reveals the answer, with images displaying the dinosaur in amazing detail, and accessible information, including a dataset of fast facts showing its diet, size, habitat, and where its fossils have been found. You can use the cards to test your own knowledge, or how about using them to play a guessing game, quiz, or a competitive comparison game with a friend?

Our World in Pictures: Dinosaurs Flash Cards breaks down information on dinosaurs and prehistoric life into manageable chunks of memorable and fascinating facts. A jaw-dropping spectrum of dinosaurs - from stealthy hunters to plant-loving giants - provides a learning experience like no other!