One Year at Ellsmere

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One Year at Ellsmere is a feel-good graphic novel about friendship and fitting in, from the New York Times bestselling Faith Erin Hicks!Is boarding school supposed to be this hard?When studious teenager Juniper wins a scholarship to the prestigious Ellsmere Academy, she expects to find a scholastic utopia. But living at Ellsmere is far from ideal: she is labeled a 'special project', Ellsmere's queen bee is out to destroy both her and her new friend Cassie, and it's rumored that a mythical beast roams the forest next to the school . . .At this point, Juniper is just hoping to survive the year at Ellsmere.With black and white inside illustrations, this is a funny and heartwarming graphic novel perfect for anyone who's ever felt like they don't belong. Don't miss Faith's other YA graphic novels: Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy, Friends With Boys, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong (with Prudence Shen) and Pumpkinheads (with Rainbow Rowell).