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Dispatches on 30/04/2024

Nukazuke fermented pickles are superfoods that promote good gut health!

This book provides an exciting introduction to the Japanese method of pickling in a reusable bed of fermented rice bran--a medium that is easy to prepare and maintain at home. Author Nami Yamada is a dietary expert, chef and herbalist, and she provides instructions for 60 fermented pickles including unusual ones made from ingredients like daikon radish, lotus root, shiitake mushrooms, apples, garlic and tofu!

Yamada also provides 30 delightful recipes showing you how to incorporate your fermented nukazuke pickles into daily Japanese-style meals, with delicious and nutritious dishes like:
  • Futomaki Sushi Rolls with Pickled Tuna
  • Pickled Apple and Napa Cabbage Salad
  • Stir-fried Summer Vegetables with Pork and Soybean Miso
  • Mackerel Simmered with Nukazuke Fermented Rice Bran
  • And dozens of other wholesome and delicious recipes, including desserts!

This comprehensive guide to a traditional Japanese fermentation method will help you eat more delicious and healthy meals!