Notes on Heartbreak

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'Never pre-ordered anything faster. Annie Lord is one of my favourite writers on all matters of the heart .' Dolly Alderton

'Like a rigorous exfoliant - painful while it sloughs away the dead romantic ideals, leaving you cleansed, reborn and gorgeously satisfied.' Pandora Sykes

'Heartbreak is one of the most well-documented emotions in human history, and yet Lord manages to breathe new life into every old clich. She reminds us of the bleeding edge of rejection, the euphoria of every small success as a single person, the druggy high of new eyes on you. Notes on Heartbreak is an electrifying debut from one of the most exciting young writers around.' Caroline O'Donoghue

'A beautiful tender messy brilliant generous open-hearted book. Writing that no doubt will be a balm to anyone reeling or healing from heartbreak, or the intensity of love in any form.' Emma Gannon

'With levity and self-awareness, Annie Lord tells us a story at once both specific and universal about the chaotic and joyful expansion that comes after collapse.' Shon Faye

'Notes on Heartbreak is a rare thing: a relatable but crucially smart read, one that every woman should be gifted when going through a break-up. Annie Lord captures perfectly the devastation, freefall and recovery of a major long-term relationship ending. I will recommend it to any heartbroken friend.'
Hannah Ewens

'This book is truly special. Brutally, bravely, hilariously honest, with lines you'll want to take to heart on every other page. Everyone's going to be reading it this summer, then recommending it to everyone else.'
Bobby Palmer

'I know it's a very marketing cliche to say books are read in one-sitting, but I really couldn't put down Notes on Heartbreak. It's such visercial and relatable writing where you can feel every emotion and crack in Annie's broken heart. It's the details and colour that really bring this story to life. No one is doing it quite like Annie Lord.' Angela Hui

Dark, fierce and raw, Notes on Heartbreak is a love story told in reverse, starting with a devastating and unexpected break-up.

As Annie Lord reels from a broken heart, her stunning memoir revisits the past, from the moment she first fell in love, the shared in-jokes and intertwining of a long-term relationship, to the months that saw the slow erosion of a bond five years in the making. Alongside her memories, Annie charts her attempts to move on, from disastrous rebound sex to sending ill-advised nudes, stalking her ex's new girlfriend on Instagram and the sharp indignity of being ghosted.

This stunning exploration of love and heartbreak from cult journalist and Vogue columnist Annie Lord, is so much more than a book about one singular break-up. It is an unflinchingly honest yet lyrical meditation on the simultaneous joy and pain of being in love that will resonate with anyone who has ever nursed a broken heart. It's a book about the best and worst of love: the euphoric and the painful, the beautiful and the messy.