No Singing in Gum Trees

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A young man from the working-class suburb of Fitzroy was on the cusp of a brilliant career and was the talk of the Academy's salons. Far from his humble origins, he now stood shoulder to shoulder with the leading figures of London's art world.

Max Martin was an enigmatic achiever who stood briefly on the mountaintop but died in obscurity. It was over thirty years after his death before a painting of his was acquired by a public collection. The National Gallery of Victoria, Newcastle City Gallery in New South Wales and the art collection of the State Library of Victoria now all hold his work.

What made him turn his back on painting at the height of critical acclaim? How close was he to a career in mainstream ballet and what drove him to march for disarmament in his later years?

'Max Martin is a painter of genius, possessing a palette of startling force and a vision instilled with drama. His paintings reveal deep knowledge and an authentic handling. Max Martin is a painter of whom Australia should be proud.' - Hayter Preston, Sunday Referee