Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy the Ultimate Guide New Edition

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Uncover the full story of the galaxy's most heroic band of misfits.

Even since the 2000s, Marvel's greatest band of intergalactic outlaws have become ever more crucial to the comic book Marvel Universe and its key storylines, ultimately inspiring their inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Fans all over the world have enjoyed their comics and movie adventures, and many will be wondering how the Guardians came to be the galaxy's most wanted crew of cosmic rogues.

This new, updated, and expanded edition of the Guardians of the Galaxy Ultimate Guide gives the lowdown on the motley team's entire story, from their earliest incarnations to their latest story lines and future legacy. Chronicled by Marvel-approved comics experts and illustrated with stellar comic artwork, this is a must-have guide for die-hard fans and newcomers alike.