Incredible Cricket:
60 True Stories Every Fan Needs to Know (Incredible Sports Stories, Book 1)

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Whether you're already a fan or are new to the sport, prepare to be BOWLED OVER by this fun-filled book of stories, facts and stats from the world of cricket.

60 extraordinary stories span the globe and include unforgettable events and players from the men's, women's and para games, past and present.

Meet Brian Lara, who made a mind-blowing 501 not out in an innings.

Meet Sajjida Shah, who played for her country aged just 12.

Find out about the match that was played inside a volcano . . . and another that was played on top of Africa's highest mountain.

Meet the Indian cricketer who cut her hair to disguise herself so she could play in boy's teams.

Meet the player who owns the world's most expensive bat (worth a whopping 100,000) and who started adult life as a railway ticket collector . . .

Meet the biggest stars of today's game alongside the pioneers, emerging talents and cricketing legends. You'll also find facts, stats, bios, test your knowledge quizzes and a simple players guide.

Look out for Incredible Football Stories, coming soon.