I Have the Right

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A stunningly illustrated and essential volume on children's rights: an introduction for kids and a reminder for adults.

I have the right to have a name and a nationality.

I have the right to the best healthcare.

I have the right to an education.

I have the right to a home where I can thrive.

With poetic text and exceptional art, internationally acclaimed Iranan illustrator Reza Dalvand introduces children to the universal rights they are entitled to under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Adopted in 1989 and ratified by 140 countries, the convention promises to defend the rights of children and to keep them safe, respected, and valued. Dalvand's stunning illustrations speak to children all around the world, some of whose rights are often challenged and must be protected every day.

The afterword, by renowned pediatrician Dr Catherine Gueguen, links these rights to the fundamental building blocks of a stable, safe, and fulfilling life.

Perfect for:

  • Educators and librarian looking for conversation starters around human rights and lived experience;
  • Parents and carers looking for books that will introduce their kids to to the experiences of children growing up in countries and cultures different to their own, and help them develop empathy;
  • Lovers of exceptional art: Reza Dalvand's evocative illustrative world-building creates an immersive visual narrative.