How to Win Friends and Manipulate People

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A humorous handbook that'll teach you how to seize power and keep it, from Survivor Australia's most cunning mastermind, King George.

HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND MANIPULATE PEOPLE is a motivational guidebook that teaches Survivor lovers how to emulate the cunning, dastardly qualities they love in their favourite reality TV villain, King George.

The 2023 season of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains was one of the most successful in the show's history, and King George is undoubtedly its star. Known for his witty one-liners, silver tongue, and leadership qualities, George has much to teach anyone who wants to learn how to control a room. He honed these skills during his years in NSW politics, where he was the president of the Bankstown Labor Party and the chief of staff for a shadow minister. During these years he learned how to turn bad news into good news and twist a narrative, leading him to be the ultimate Survivor spin doctor. On the side of his political career he's always been a semi-pro poker player, where he mastered the art of the bluff and hedging his bets. Add to this his ability to navigate a multi-ethnic upbringing in Sydney's West, and you have a man who was born to seize the throne for his own.

This book is a social-smarts toolkit told through stories. Each chapter will be grounded in a core anecdote that will teach the reader how George secured his desired outcome, ultimately helping you get what you want.

These lessons will be drawn from key points in George's life that have formulated his mindset, from his upbringing in a tight-knit Macedonian-Greek household with his twin brother in Western Sydney, to his life as a political operative for the Labor party, to his poker career, to his two times masterminding entire tribes on Survivor. Through it all, George's formidable voice booms on the page, proclaiming GLORY OR DEATH to anyone who will listen.