How Not to Kill Your Houseplant

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You've welcomed a plant into the home: now what?! First job is to keep it alive, then after that help it bloom and thrive. Learn all the tips and tricks you need to become a proud plant parent - of more than 100 different plants (if you're up for it)!

Yellowed leaves, drooping leaves, dried leaves, even though you've watered it: what's going on? How Not to Kill Your Houseplant will explain - and fix - your houseplant woes.

Learn to spot the danger signs and take the proper action to rescue your sick plant.

Follow quick tips to understand what your plant does and doesn't like: how much light, water, food, heat, and humidity.

Discover the perfect plant for your unique space and needs. Bathrooms, cold rooms, at a desk, on a windowsill, in a gloomy corner or hot suntrap: there are plants for every location to create your own indoor oasis.

This is your guide to every stage of plant parenting for beginners, from identifying exactly what's in the pot, to keeping it in check when it grows too well!