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Boost your confidence and transform your speaking skills with wisdom from the ancients

What does the word 'gravitas' mean today? In the world of ancient Rome, it was the manner of trust and respect cultivated by capable, strong leadership. In Gravitas: Timeless Skills to Communicate with Confidence and Build Trust, communications expert Louise Mahler shows how this ancient virtue can help you rethink modern communication and transform your presence and impact as a leader today. Gravitas unpacks the essential speaking skills, strategies and techniques that great leaders use to communicate effectively.

This book reveals the ways and means that were essential two thousand years ago and remain essential today. You'll learn how to better connect with your audience and persuade them to trust in you and your ideas. From the wisdom of ancient leaders such as Cicero and Quintilian, you'll discover powerful frameworks for mindset and the critical skills of delivery. Harness your posture, your eyes, your voice, your gestures and even your breathing for maximum impact, whether you're in a one-on-one meeting or engaging a large crowd.

  • Beat imposter syndrome: build your confidence as a public speaker
  • Prove yourself as a capable leader with a strong presence
  • Learn how to gain the trust of your team and clients
  • Give standout presentations and speak confidently in any business situation, including meetings, sales pitches, proposals, boardrooms, town halls, conferences, and even in the media
  • Learn how gravitas works for women and how to harness it for exceptional communicating as a female leader

It's time to rediscover our lost skills and revitalise the art of communication. The ancient Romans brought their people together and conquered the known world. With Gravitas, you'll draw on their wisdom and skills to conquer doubt and uncertainty. By cultivating your own gravitas, you'll be able to build trust effectively -- and communicate any message clearly and with confidence.