Good Hair

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When a little girl declares that she hates her hair, her parents show her that good hair is whatever hair you have in this celebration of self-acceptance--and the diversity of beauty. Birungi doesn't want to go to school today. Waking up is hard, but doing her hair is harder. "I hate my hair!" she declares. "It's just no good." Luckily, Birungi's parents know the secret to good hair. As they walk through town, they show her that hair can be black, gray, blond, or sometimes even blue. It can reach for the sky or fall straight to the ground, be worn in rows or curls, twirl or kink or flow or frizz. There are as many different types of hair as there are different kinds of people, and each person's hair, no matter how it grows, needs the same special care and attention as all the other wonderful parts of them. With humor, joy, and empathy, writer Yvonne Sewankambo and illustrator Freda Chiu reach out to readers who may feel frustrated by their hair, showing the power of self-love and reveling in the unique beauty of every crown.