Freddie Spector, Fact Collector:
Go for Gold

Dispatches on 26/06/2024

Did you know that lawnmower racing is a sport? Or that cranberries bounce? How about that Gentoo penguins can bodysurf?Freddie Spector loves collecting facts - about anything and everything. At the moment he's obsessed with facts about sport. It's all he talks about: weird sports, Olympic sports, extreme sports, athletes and sporting history. He writes all his facts on sticky notes that his mum and big sister, Henrietta, keep finding in weird places - like in a cup of coffee or the shower. But whenever Freddie collects facts on a topic, his very active imagination always gets involved too. And, when the medals for the school sports carnival go missing and the carnival is about to be cancelled, Freddie realises it's up to him to solve the mystery and save the day.Fast-paced and humorous, this series is all about an everyday eight-year-old boy whose love of facts and extraordinary imagination come together with unexpected and hilarious results.