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Eat THIS! is self-published zine series created by food writer/author Jade O'Donahoo. Each issue has a cultural theme and features a collection of recipes, as well as family stories and traditions of that culture. All recipes are meat-free and have gluten free options, as this reflects the way Jade cooks and eats at home. The purpose of the zine is not only to highlight the traditional vegetarian meals from all cultures, but also to unite people through parallels between different cultures. Eat THIS! is intended to make cooking and food culture easy, accessible, and appealing to all!The second instalment of Eat THIS! is curated to be more than just about recipes, it's also brimming with fascinating info about food culture and the traditions of Japanese cuisine. It is designed to unpack the mystery of Japanese cooking, with easy peasy recipes that uses ingredients you can get from your local supermarket.