Don't Ask the Dragon

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Waterstones- The Best Books of 2022: Baby & Toddler
This is the story of Alem, a curious little boy who realises today is his birthday. The only problem is that Alem does not know where to celebrate, and who to celebrate with. He goes on an adventure all on his own, meeting exciting animals along the way. He befriends a bear, a fox, a treefrog, a bulldog and more. Every new friend he makes, he asks the same question: where shall I go?
And every time he's met with the same warning: 'don't ask the
dragon . . . OR HE WILL EAT YOU'.
The only thing Alem never speaks to is the tiny worm who sits on each page, perhaps it's because the worm is so small!
All alone at the top of a hill, Alem grows frustrated and helpless as he doesn't know where to go. But someone - or something - does and Alem comes face-to-face with the dangerous dragon he was warned about. But just how dangerous is it?Don't Ask the Dragon is a heart-warming tale with an equally stimulating seek-and-find element. The story of Alem teaches us to never judge a book by its cover and to unabashedly ask questions in order to grow.