Customer Magic the Macquarie Way

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FROM #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR, JOSEPH A. MICHELLILessons on leveraging world-class customer experience and innovation to grow your business.On the eve of the Australian telecommunication sector's deregulation in the early 1990s, two brothers from Sydney spied an opportunity to make a difference for notoriously underserved and overcharged markets. By doing the opposite of their competitors, putting their customers at the very centre of their business and everything they did, these challengers made more than a difference - they made magic.It's that magic that today makes Macquarie Technology world leaders in customer experience, and compelled Joseph A. Michelli, #1 New York Times bestselling author of books about The Ritz-Carlton, Mercedes-Benz and Starbucks, to tell the Macquarie story.In Customer Magic - The Macquarie Way, Michelli offers a direct line to founders David and Aidan Tudehope. Charting a course through growth, downturn, transformation and recovery, this book sets out the lessons of Macquarie's path to excellence through innovation and putting people first. Using the Macquarie success story as a framework, Customer Magic empowers leaders and entrepreneurs to:define their purpose and values, then put them into practiceestablish and maintain a people-oriented culture involving innovative hiring processes and talent developmentencourage freedom within boundaries to empower team members and nurture their entrepreneurial spiritmeasure success and identify excellence, both inside and outside of their company.Packed with insight relevant beyond the technology and telecommunication sectors, Customer Magic is essential reading for difference makers and innovators who are ready to reimagine customer experience, transform their business and make their own brand of magic.