Creative Differences and Other Stories

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If not for money, then maybe for love.

Three years ago, Emily was a struggling literary author when she met Scott, a struggling screenwriter. Combining her elegant writing with his gripping story, the pair crafted a novel that became an international bestseller--and fell in love along the way.

Now her latest manuscript is stuck, his solo novel has flopped, and their relationship is on the rocks. The situation is made even messier when an eager aspiring writer gets involved. Can Emily and Scott come together to produce another hit?

Creative Differencesis a wry and incisive study of partnerships--in love, in writing--and creativity, from internationally bestselling author Graeme Simsion. It's paired with a selection of stories from across his career, including the first appearance of Don Tillman.

Graeme Simsionis the internationally bestselling author of The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effect, The Rosie Resultand The Best of Adam Sharp, as well as The Novel Project, Don Tillman's Standardized Meal Systemand Data Modeling Essentials. He and Anne Buist, co-authors of Two Steps Forwardand Two Steps Onward, live together in Melbourne.