Best and Fairest Sports Parenting

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Every parent wants to do the right thing by their sports-playing children. The problem is that
no-one tells us exactly what the 'right thing' is.

Sure, we get bombarded with a list of things not to do, and we receive basic instructions on
how to behave-stay quiet, understand this is not professional sport, hand your kid over to
the coach and pick them up after training. Most of these rules are designed because sporting
associations don't trust their parent group to do the right thing.

Best and Fairest Sports Parenting is designed to outline exactly what the right thing looks
like, and to increase the level of enjoyment between parents and their kids.

Your child may go on to become a professional player, and that's great if it's what they want.
However, the best outcome you can hope for is that when they grow into adults, you can both
reminisce about their formative sports-playing years with heartfelt fondness, enjoyment, and