Belly Laugh Brilliant Jokes for Smart Kids

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A hilarious collection of 350 uniquely clever jokes for smart kids, complete with hysterical illustrations and a laugh noise button
What did the wall say to the perpendicular wall? Meet you at the corner What snack do computers like? Microchips
I love the way the Earth rotates . . . it really makes my day Belly Laugh Brilliant Jokes for Smart Kids is full of hilarious fun for bright kids From snappy puns to brilliant one-liners to fun wordplay, this collection is complete with 350 of the smartest jokes for kids and is complemented by sidesplitting line drawings. Perfect for long car rides, rainy days, and hanging out with friends, this book is sure to bring laughter and fun (and some knowledge ) into your home. For kids ages five and up, this book is ideal for home, school, or really anywhere