Beirut Station

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'Vidich has firmly established himself in the very top flight of espionage writers, with a series of slow-burn character studies putting him in the line of le Carr.' - CrimeReads

A stunning new espionage novel by a master of the genre, Beirut Station follows a young female CIA officer whose mission to assassinate a high-level Hezbollah terrorist reveals a dark truth that puts her life at risk.

Lebanon, 2006. The Israel-Hezbollah war is tearing Beirut apart and the country is on the brink of chaos.

In the midst of this turmoil, the CIA and Mossad are targeting a reclusive Hezbollah terrorist, Najib Qassem. Najib is believed to be planning the assassination of Secretary of State, who is coming to Beirut in ten days to broker a ceasefire.

They turn to young Lebanese-American CIA agent, Analise, who has the perfect plan: she has befriended Qassem's grandson in order to locate the terrorist and kill him. However, Analise begins to suspect that Mossad has a motive of its own.

She alerts the agency but their response is for her to drop it. Analise is now the target and there is no one she can trust: not the CIA, not Mossad, and not the Lebanese government. And the one person she might have to trust -- a reporter for the New York Times -- might not be who he says he is...

A tightly-wound international thriller, Beirut Station is Paul Vidich's best novel to date.