Ashley Bell

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From #1 bestselling author Dean Koontz -- the must-read thriller of the year, for readers of dark psychological suspense and modern classics of mystery and adventure, about the girl who said no to death.

Who is Ashley Bell? The only girl who can save her has no idea who she is ...

Bibi Blair is a fierce, funny, dauntless young woman -- whose doctor says she has one year to live.

She replies, "We'll see."

When Bibi is miraculously cured of an inoperable brain tumour, it's only the beginning of a strange and terrifying journey. For Bibi believes that in exchange for being saved herself, she in turn must save the mysterious Ashley Bell. But first, she has to find her.

Bibi's obsession with finding Ashley sends her on the run from threats both mystical and worldly, including a rich and charismatic cult leader with terrifying ambitions.

Brilliantly paced, with an exhilarating heroine and a twisting, ingenious storyline, Ashley Bell is a new milestone in literary suspense from the long acclaimed master.