90 Years of Covers

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On the morning of June 10, 1933, newspaper sellers were struggling to keep up with demand as a new periodical flew off the shelves. Two large headlines clamoured for attention on the cover- "Equal Social Rights for Sexes!" cried one, while the second, "What Smart Sydney Women Are Wearing," was accompanied by social snaps of glamourous locals. This was the first edition of The Australian Women's Weekly, a newspaper created specifically for a female audience. Its mix of thoughtful editorials and news stories along with creative inspirations for fashion, home making tips and more in that debut issue sold so quickly that a reprint was required before the week was out.
Today, 90 years later, The Australian Women's Weekly has produced a glossy coffee table tome filled with images of the beautiful covers which have continued to capture the lives of our nation during that time. From intricate illustrations to portraits of the Australian landscape, gorgeous celebratory royal covers and images of the women who captivated the country, this 200-page book to treasure offers a fascinating insight into how the magazine has continued to both hero and reflect its audience throughout a history-making nine decades.