the Colourful World of Poppy Starr Olsen (working Title)

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A novel from Australia's top female skateboarder, written with Jess Black, author of the bestselling Kaboom Kid series.

My name is Poppy Starr Olsen. I'm twelve. I'm a bit of a dreamer. Okay, a lot of
a dreamer. I love drawing and being creative. I also swim, surf and skate. And, well, this is my story . . .

You'll meet my family. They're really loud but I love them to bits. And you'll meet my friends - they're so cool.

There's some drama in my story, too. Think- an awesome skate comp I'm not allowed to enter, but then I am and it's going to be cancelled! I have to figure out how to save the comp and work on my best tricks in the bowl and keep up with my school work and create my art. There's so much to do! But it's an epic adventure.