Review of: Cursed Tales: the Pharaoh of Asco Express

Cursed Tales: the Pharaoh of Asco Express
by Jake R. Jake R. Wilson, Sian James (Illustrator)

Akahten IX: Sign this contract Me: Nope, I’ve got to write the review of Cursed Tales: The Pharaoh of Asco Express!

By Rafael Orifici, aged 8

Overall, I liked this book because it was an exciting and scary adventure for the three main characters.

Let me introduce you to them. Wesley: a smart kid who is afraid of going into high school. Marishana: a headstrong girl who is a great artist. Finally, Aiden: A funny kid who always gets the last laugh.

Without giving much away, the story is about Wesley wandering into a new shop called the Asco Express for some water. He accidentally knocks over some Authentic Pickled Gher-kings. Then he hears cruel laughter as the ceiling starts to spin. When he wakes up, he smells incense and the ground beneath him is swirled with thick, dense fog. He signs a contact with an evil Pharoah and he has to work at Asco Express forever! He has been cursed! DUN DUN DAH!

The rest of the story is about Marishana and Aiden trying to get Wesley out of the shop and breaking the curse.

The best thing about this book for me is when Wesley, Aiden and Marishana go to the park and kick a footy around (it’s good to get some exercise).

If you like Bab Sharkey written by Andrew Hanson and Jessica Roberts you will like this book.

The age range for this book is 8+