Zombie Diaries:
Face the Moosic!

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Follow Jimmy and his friends as they try to stay sane (and human) in a zombie-cow apocalypse.

Hey! I'm Jimmy and I'm STILL living in a totally weird ZOMBIE-COW APOCALYPSE! And everyone is STILL mooing and drooling all over the place.

Turns out that finding a cure to turn all of the adults back into humans isn't as easy peasy lemon squeezy as we thought. My best buds, Daisy and Hooey, and I aren't giving up hope though! We're sure my dog Bear and his super special drool is the key to fixing this whole mess . . .

In the second book in the hilarious zombie-comedy series, author duo Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes take readers on a butt-kicking adventure full of cows, explosions, trains, robots, snacks, drool, yaks, solar energy, farts and spaghetti. Perfect for fans of The Bad Guys, The Last Kids on Earth and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.