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It was an era when moviegoers came to Yarraville from all parts of Melbourne, eager to watch Greek motion pictures on the Sun Theatre’s single screen.


Greek subtitles accompanied foreign language films from India, Turkey, America and France!
Ana Kokkinos—internationally acclaimed writer and film director—shares her earliest memories of growing up in Yarraville, a working-class suburb of Melbourne’s inner west, and discusses how her experiences have informed her work.
A mysterious old woman reads a young girl’s coffee-cup which propels the teenager to travel across the globe. Fifty years later, the young girl—now a grandmother—reveals how each of the predictions came true.
Find out what happens when an enamoured young man approaches an international heavyweight wrestling champion and bravely requests permission to court his sister.
A flash mob sweeps over a workshop and a young German boy joins in, singing Greek folk songs of heartache and love.

These are just some of the stories you will read in this book. Each story offers a unique insight into the challenges, dilemmas, joys and accomplishments of our earliest Greek migrant residents. Their stories are about heartbreak, courage, love, strength and resilience. Discover how these people adjusted to their new surroundings and in time, how they shaped their environment to create a new home. The stories span across a seventy-year period, starting from the 1950s and reaching to the present day. This book is an acknowledgement to the lives of a now ageing demographic, one that has contributed to our region’s economic growth and has made a positive impact to our municipality.