Where Does My Poo Go?

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Learn about what happens to poo after it's flushed down the toilet in this fun, illustrated book for kids.

What happens after you flush the toilet? Discover the amazing hidden world of underground pipes and smelly sewers in this fascinating illustrated children's book.

Everyone has wondered exactly what happens to their poo after it is flushed down the toilet. It disappears as if by magic - but there's a lot more going on than meets the eye! This book takes young readers through each stage of the sewage system, from the Sewer Flushers who unclog sewers to keep everything moving, to how dirty water is cleaned at the treatment plant. Furthermore, learn how sludge made from our poo can be recycled in many different ways - even generating electricity that powers your television! Brilliantly illustrated by acclaimed architect and illustrator Jo Lindley, this book is a must-have for kids, families, and educators interested in re-use and recycling.

So journey deep underground to discover the life of poo - just don't forget to hold your nose!